PNWHS Bylaws

ARTICLE I: Objectives

PNWHS’s purposes as stated in the Constitution shall be achieved by:

  1. Holding monthly meetings, during which informative lectures, films, demonstrations and open forums may be presented and discussed. These meetings will be open to the public.
  2. Establishing contact and exchanging information with herpetologists and herpetological societies throughout the world.
  3. Publishing periodic newsletters and journals containing information of interest to amateur and professional herpetologists.
  4. Establishing a PNWHS educational program which includes speakers for lectures at schools, museums, public exhibits, community events, and the development of herpetological educational materials such as brochures, pamphlets and posters on such items as care, husbandry and conservation.
  5. Serving as a consultant and activist on matters pertaining to the preservation and conservation of herpetofauna, as well as monitoring and becoming involved with legislative and environmental issues which affect herpetofauna.
  6. Establishing an adoption program for unwanted and/or mistreated herpetofauna.

ARTICLE II: Membership and Dues

  1. Membership in PNWHS shall be on an annual basis and may be granted when the following conditions have been met:
    1. A membership application has been filed with the Membership Secretary.
    2. Dues have been paid.
    3. Conduct is conforming to the Code of Ethics of PNWHS.
  2. Classes of Voting Membership shall be:
    1. Individual (1 vote)
    2. Family (2 votes)
    3. Corresponding (1 vote)
    4. Institutional (1 vote)
    5. Sustaining (1 vote)
  3. Membership in PNWHS shall be terminated when it has been determined by the Membership Secretary that dues are delinquent by two (2) months.
  4. The membership of any member of PNWHS may be rescinded if it is determined that the member’s activities are contrary to the objectives and/or Code of Ethics of PNWHS. Investigation, evaluation and resolution of the alleged violation(s) shall be conducted according to the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.
  5. Dues shall be set by the Executive Board.
  6. Any member who resigns his or her membership, or whose membership has been rescinded prior to completing one (1) full year shall not receive a refund of dues.

ARTICLE III: Executive Board

  1. Composition of Board:
    1. The Executive Board of PNWHS shall consist of
      • President
      • Vice-President
      • Secretary
      • Membership Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • five (5) Members-at-Large
      • Immediate Past-President
      • The Editor shall be an appointed member of the Board.
    2. General Duties of Board Members
      1. Board Members shall familiarize themselves with the content of the PNWHS Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics and shall agree to conduct themselves accordingly.
      2. The Executive Board shall be empowered to transact the business of the Society between General Meetings. A Majority of the Board members must be present to conduct business.
      3. Each Board member shall have one (1) vote.
      4. To avoid a real or apparent conflict of interest, no member of the Board shall vote on any issue or matter where he or she has a personal gain.
    3. Individual Duties of Board Members:
      1. President – Term of office runs from April through March, allowing an overlap for smooth transition of office. Shall be the principal executive officer of the Society and shall oversee the general administration of the Society. Shall chair all General and Board meetings and be an ex-officio member of all committees. Shall develop the speaker schedule for regular monthly meetings and secure the meeting location. Shall act as librarian for all media and common property of the membership (such as books, videos, newsletters, correspondence and equipment), except as otherwise deemed necessary by the Board.
      2. Vice-President – Shall, in the event of the absence or inability of the president to exercise the duties of office, become acting president in the interim, with all rights, privileges and responsibilities as if being the duly elected president. Shall assist the president as necessary. Shall be responsible for coordinating all events, exhibits and presentations.
      3. Secretary – Shall record, keep and report in the newsletter the minutes of all General and Board meetings. Shall be responsible for all general correspondence not bequeathed to the President or other appropriate Board member. Shall maintain and record the Society’s Constitution, Bylaws and Code of Ethics. Shall notify the State of Washington annually of any change of the Registered Agent.
      4. Treasurer – Shall keep financial records and accounts of the Society, including all monies received and disbursed. Shall collect all membership dues. Shall pay all obligations of the Society as directed by the Board, except contract bills which may be paid without specific direction. Shall publish a Treasurer’s Report in each issue of the PNWHS newsletter, with a summary of the year’s financial activities published in the January Newsletter. Shall present the annual budget proposal to the General Member-ship for approval at the March General Meeting. Shall assist the newly elected Treasurer in the preparation of the budget proposal for the new fiscal year.
      5. Membership Secretary – Shall maintain and update monthly the current membership mailing list of the Society. Shall produce a mailing list for the editor as requested. Shall keep all PNWHS member-ship records. Shall coordinate with the Treasurer on members’ dues status. Shall provide new members with a Membership Packet containing the PNWHS Constitution, Bylaws, Code of Ethics and other relevant material, either by mail or in person.
      6. Members-at-Large – Shall assist the other members of the Board in their duties. Shall be available to chair ad hoc committees.
      7. Immediate Past-President – Shall be available to advise or assist the Board as needed.

ARTICLE IV: Meetings

  1. At the beginning of each General Meeting there shall be a business meeting.
  2. Any motion approved by the Board shall be reported to the general membership at the next General Meeting.
  3. Committee chairpersons shall make a report at each General Meeting.
  4. The Agenda of each General Meeting shall include an opportunity for input by any member.

ARTICLE V: Elections

  1. All voting members are eligible to run for office.
  2. All Candidates shall abide by the PNWHS Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics.
  3. A Board Member’s term shall run for one (1) year, subject to Article VI of the By-Laws,or until a successor is chosen.
  4. The Board shall establish an Ad Hoc Nominating Committee by the October General Meeting. At the November General Meeting, the Ad Hoc Nominating Committee shall present a slate of at least one (1) candidate for each Board position to be filled. Additional nominations by the membership may be added at that time.
  5. The Board shall establish an Ad Hoc Election Committee by the November General Meeting. The Election Committee shall oversee the election of new Board Members according to the “Rules of Order” set forth in Article VIII of the Constitution. No member of the current Board nor any candidate shall be a member of the Election Committee.
  6. Method of Election
    1. 1. Election of Board Members shall be by mail-in ballot.
      • If, at the close of the nominating period, there is only one candidate nominated for each Board position, the list of candidates shall be published in the December newsletter and the election shall be held by secret ballot at the annual meeting in January, in which case 6)c and 6)d below do not apply.
    2. Election shall be by largest number of votes. Voters should choose five (5) Members-at Large.
    3. The list of Candidates, Candidates’ statements and Ballots shall be mailed to each voting member by the first of December.
    4. To be valid, the completed ballots must be returned in the envelope provided to the head teller of the Election Committee and must be received by January 10th.
    5. At least 20% of the voting membership at the time of balloting must return completed ballots to validate the election results.
  7. At the close of the Annual Meeting, upon validation of the election by the Election Committee, the chairperson of the Election Committee shall introduce the newly elected Board Members and shall certify that they agree to abide by the Constitution, Bylaws and Code of Ethics. Newly elected Board Members shall then assume office.

ARTICLE VI: Vacancies and Absences

  1. Resignations of Board Members shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the President or Board Members of PNWHS.
  2. Should a Board Member resign during the year, the remaining Board Members shall appoint a member of PNWHS to assume the office until next election.
  3. No Board Member may be removed from the Board except for failure to perform the duties of the office or for violation of existing Society rules. Investigation, evaluation and resolution of the alleged violation(s) shall be conducted according to the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

ARTICLE VII: Committees

  1. The Executive Board shall establish any committee that shall be deemed necessary to conduct any business of PNWHS.
  2. Committees shall report their progress or findings to the membership at the General Meetings and Board Meetings.
  3. Ad Hoc Committees
    1. The Board shall appoint any Ad Hoc Committee that shall be deemed necessary to conduct any special business of PNWHS.
  4. Standing Committees
    1. The following shall be Standing Committees:
      1. Adoption Committee
      2. Education/Outreach Committee
      3. Promotional/Publicity Committee
      4. Legislative Committee
    2. The function of Standing Committees shall be to implement the objectives of PNWHS as outlined in Article I of the Bylaws.

ARTICLE VIII: Code of Ethics

  1. 1. A Code of Ethics shall be established for the purpose of maintaining a high level of ethical conduct among members. Only individuals who abide by the Code of Ethics can retain their membership in PNwHS. The Code of Ethics can be modified as the Executive Board deems advisable.

Updated March 2014