Animal Welfare

PNWHS responds to all kinds of animal rescue needs. We see some scenarios repeated frequently. Some of the common rescue needs are:

  • •The cute 18″ snake I bought at brand X pet-store is now 18 feet long and is eyeing my cat funny.
  • •My Iguana/Monitor/Big Snake has bitten me repeatedly and is too aggressive!
  • •Animals dumped or left behind in places.
  • •Neglected animals that need to be taken from abusive owners.
  • •Pick-ups from local animal control, other rescues, or law enforcement agencies.

Some of those scenarios may sound humorous, but there is a real seriousness to each one. Every year PNWHS takes in animals from owners who thought it “looked cute” in the pet store and bought it without any knowledge of what the animal would grow to become. Or an animal is mishandled or mistreated and it results in a bite. When people get animals (especially exotics) they don’t know where to turn when they need to admit they are over their heads. That is where PNWHS comes in. We work hard with local Resources to take in as many animals as we can as rescue in order to adopt them out to caring families that really want them.

Help Needed

We currently are in need of additional individuals to foster animals coming into the adoption system. You can choose what species you would like to foster. We have to turn away many requests to take in green iguanas, red-eared sliders, and red-tailed boas due to lack of fostering and quarantine space. Call or e-mail for further information.

Other Donations

The Adoption Committee receives minimal financial support from the Society, so donations of money, food, cages, and equipment are always needed and appreciated. Please contact the Committee Chairperson to make a donation.

Placing an animal with PNWHS

If you have an animal that you wish to place with our rescue program, you have options:

  • Please contact the Adoption Committee Chairperson to arrange for pickup. The Adoption Hotline phone number can be found on our Contact Us page.
  • Please fill out a Rescue Request and email it to This will forward your information to our Adoption Committee. You will then be contacted regarding handing off your animal to PNWHS.

We do ask that under no circumstance do you bring your animal to a meeting without prior consent from an Adoption Committee member.


PNWHS wants to acknowledge and thank our many foster volunteers for their time, dedication and care for herps in need.